If what’s unfolding in our culture now is not seen as a dire last minute warning, then perhaps it is too late. There is an extreme wantonness to all the gun violence, Supreme Court excess and

Trump as a bonafide Russian agent of influence is difficult to comprehend because he did, after all, fill the office of the U.S. presidency for four years with all of its seemingly patriotic

In the early 1970s, under the cover of a new “detente” with the Nixon administration, the Soviet KGB that is the Russian government today under Putin began a shift in how to penetrate and

Putin’s ongoing hands-on role in the cultivation and advancement of the QAnon and other radical right movements in the U.S. is not going away, despite the setback these operations suffered

Somewhere in the late-1960s to early 1970s, the Soviet leadership and its KGB shifted its focus of covert operations in the U.S. from persuading the American public to prefer a government dedicated

In my column last week, I concluded by suggesting that the party most responsible for the rise of the QAnon movement in the U.S., and thus most responsible for the sacking of the Capitol on Jan. 6,