By Nicholas F. Benton The violent disruption of and threats against the Democratic convention in Las Vegas last weekend raises serious suspicions of outside “agents provocateur” operations by

The eloquence of President Obama has only begun to shine more brightly in this last year of his presidency, serving the purpose of contrasting ever more clearly between a discourse that elevates

The collection of my 100 short essays in the best-selling book, Extraordinary Hearts: Reclaiming the Central Role of Gay Sensibility in the Progress of Civilization, (Lethe Press, 2013), speaks in

The major piece of evidence, perhaps the most astonishing yet, showing the effect on ordinary Americans of our nation’s deepening economic and cultural decline was reported this week in the

A film on limited screens across America now, “Truth” is a powerful indictment of how partisan political pressure brought down the nation’s most revered television journalist and his team to

I am heartened by the continued success of my book, Extraordinary Hearts, on the Best Seller rankings for LGBT-themed works. Twice in recent weeks it has gone as high as third in that