Maybe Donald Trump should have stayed in Argentina. The revelations of the past week in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing documents pertaining to Trump personal lawyer and confidant

Kicking off the holiday season with a couple clever lines pulled off Twitter, one being, “Any Christian church that says migrants should not be allowed to seek asylum in America should take down

A reminder that as we enter into “the Holidays,” that everyone’s experience of them is not as sugar-coated as many may like to believe. For many who need room to grow in their lives, breaking

Donald Trump’s epic fail in France last weekend, as he sat curled up in a fetal position in his room at the American embassy petulantly sulking over the stunning defeat he was handed by the

It’s misleading to treat electoral results strictly from the standpoint of winners and losers, and not from a more nuanced perspective that is able to detect “long wave” trends and

The brilliant modern civil rights leader Rev. William Barber said this week, “I am reminded of what Dr. (Martin Luther) King said after four little girls were murdered in an Alabama church: ‘We