Who are we, really? Homosexuals are a vital element of natural creation, operating throughout history as the makers and menders of the social fabric of civilizations. Without fully articulating the

Assessing contemporary so-called “gay culture” from the standpoint of “who we are, really,” it is stunning to consider that two people among those most responsible for the shaping of

The historically unparalleled explosion of self and social affirmation that was suddenly bestowed on all of society’s homosexuals in the post-Stonewall Era meant that we faced absolutely

The purpose of this exercise is to contribute to a frank conversation about about where LGBT people have come from, how we got to where we are now, and where we’re headed. The explosion of

Assessing the emergence over the last 40 years of contemporary gay culture, including the recent rise of a more robust right-wing, anarcho-libertarian current, it is instructive to examine how two

The gay world didn’t know what hit it in the period immediately allowing Stonewall in the summer of 1969, and generally doesn’t even to this day. But being lesbian or gay in one of the