In conjunction with the 19th International AIDS Conference this week in Washington, D.C., Larry Kramer’s prophetic 1984 play, “The Normal Heart,” is being performed at Arena

I began this series in October 2010 with three chapters entitled the same as this, and as I prepare to conclude, I’ll reiterate why I began that way. First, the overall series title,

No one knew better about the worst fate that can beset a homosexual – to become hopelessly jaded, indifferent and cruel – than gay playwright Tennessee Williams. The subject became,

The core thesis of this series is the novel notion that same-sex erotic attraction is a variant and derivative of the natural bond between humans more akin to empathy than the physically

Echoing the case I made last week about the consequences of the national cultural shift since the 1970s away from productive and generous notions of the individual to selfish self-interested ones,

Few can disagree that modern American popular culture has drifted toward increased demands for and obsession with youth, physique and instant gratification. This trend owes to the tectonic shift