The genus of same-sex erotic attraction is not a corruption or variant of a procreative sexual impulse, but is a vital component of nature’s effective survival and evolutionary impulse

The thought-through implications of the bio-evolutionary and genetic evidence for what can be called “altruism” as a central, indispensable component for the successful survival and evolution

The recent degeneration of American right wing political dialogue into an angry Neanderthal assault on women – highlighted by the Virginia legislature’s consideration of mandatory

The term, “homosexual,” was first coined in 1869, in Germany. Attentive readers have recognized that some time back, I switched from using the term, “homosexual,” and went

The novel, stunning insight into the connection between same-sex erotic affection and revolutions overthrowing tyranny is a central theme of these chapters. The most earth-shaking case was the

It can’t be overstated how amazingly radical the core tenant underlying the American revolution actually was in its time. The most important assumption associated with the male-dominated