This series is not as a history, or a memoir, but an argument, a case for a better perception of gay identity, based on evidence that far from a random phenomenon or corruption, the genus of

I have undertaken this project drawing on a number of aspects, the overarching being the integrity of my identity as a gay man throughout my adult life, including my accomplishments as a pro-civil

Gay screenwriter Todd Haynes in his brilliant film, “Velvet Goldmine” (1998), has his own colorful way of depicting the “otherness” of our tribe in its opening segment. The

The hit single, “Born This Way,” by Lady Gaga – the enormously-talented Stefani Germanotta – is a huge, obvious “shout out” to gays, a big component of her

Oscar Wilde’s inspired paean to the life and message of Christ in his prison-authored “De Profundis” (1897) – identifying with Christ’s universal love, himself (and

I do not contend that gay people alone express the kind of love that the ancient Greek titan Prometheus exhibited by stealing fire from Mt. Olympus and giving to mankind, fire interpreted as love