The purpose of this series has been to determine and define a constructive, natural and purposeful role for gay people in the grand scheme of things, versus our existence as simply random or a

The unprecedented claim I make in this series – that gay identity is best associated with the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus, a “third way” distinct from the dual options of

It is fair to ask, in response to my proposition that the gay Promethean archetype represents “constructive non-conformity,” who defines “constructive.” Does it come from

The novel discovery made over the course of these installments is that the archetype identifying the proper role of gay people in history smashes modern culture’s straight-jacketed,

It has taken over a year of these weekly installments to lay a proper groundwork for the important, veritably-revolutionary notion I introduced last week: the core identity defining our homosexual

Launching this series in October 2010, I explained that my title, “Gay Science,” came not only because it was apt in its own right, but also because it referred to a work of the same