Thanks to a swift intervention by GLAAD, a PBS commentator quickly apologized for allowing bigoted comments on his show by a leader of the Family Forum that associated heinous child rape at Penn

Gay activist and playwright Larry Kramer, interviewed in advance of a reading in Washington, D.C. of his 1985 AIDS era play, “The Normal Heart,” has changed little over the years. He

For gay men during the AIDS Dark Age (1981-1996), during which time an estimated 400,000 of us died horribly and way too soon, there was nothing more valued than life, itself, and as Prior, the

This series begins its culmination treating the issues of our gay identity, new (or, very ancient) gay morality and our future from the standpoint of the American revolutionary promise of

It was by a remarkable and gracious coincidence that the first weekend after the passing of our gay movement’s greatest pioneer, Franklin Kameny, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial was

I am asked why I focus so much in these installments on what I call our gay “Age of Contagion” from 1972-96. Isn’t it ancient history? Isn’t it better to just move on? Hardly, I reply.