Gay men during the “AIDS Dark Age” (1981-1996) were frightened out of their minds, especially in the first years of its outbreak when so little was known about it, or about who or how

The “AIDS Dark Age” was horrific beyond words. For most of us, it extended from July 5, 1981 to December 30, 1996, starting with the New York Times’ first public report of a new

When I became a vocal gay liberation leader in San Francisco after completing graduate seminary and coming out with a bang in 1969 (shortly before the Stonewall riots across the continent), I

Those who will read these installments in their eventual book form will appreciate that with their publication week-to-week, it’s often necessary to recapitulate central themes, as each week

In “Dancer From the Dance,” Andrew Holleran wrote about the rampant, excessive hedonism that swept the gay world in New York in the 1970s, as Larry Kramer did in his novel,

Assessing modern gay culture, consider that two important components from Stonewall forward were the result of external factors. The first was the explosion of the “sex, drugs and rock and