If what’s unfolding in our culture now is not seen as a dire last minute warning, then perhaps it is too late. There is an extreme wantonness to all the gun violence, Supreme Court excess and

Cassidy Hutchinson is a new household name. At this week’s hastily called sixth public January 6 Committee hearing, it was a strong, independent minded young woman who stepped up to lay out a

Following the fourth action-and truth-packed House January 6 Committee hearing Tuesday, as the depraved perfidy and moral toilet of former President Trump has now come out so plainly and

Back in 1973, too few of us fully appreciated the momentous times we were living in, how massive the Watergate scandal was and the magnitude of its consequences. The idea of a U.S. president having

Starting with prime time tonight (Thursday, June 9), the nation will become informed of a monstrous and widespread conspiracy orchestrated out of the highest office in the land to subvert democracy

One could say about this week the old adage, “It is always darkest just before dawn.” Cynics offer a revision that says, “It is always darkest just before it goes completely black.” But as