A report in the Bulwark earlier this week noting that Sen. Ted Cruz has nudged closer to endorsing the goal of the Texas secessionist movement, stating publicly that “I’m not there….yet,”

Our delightful pop astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson used uncommon superlatives in his post on social media this week, “So,” he wrote, “possibly one of the biggest events to happen during

It has been disputed whether the comments attributed to the world’s foremost theoretical physicist Albert Einstein and quoted in this space a couple weeks ago are actually his, or the work of an

The best part of last week’s elections in the U.S. had a lot less to do with who actually won than with the very notion that they were normal. America went back to doing elections in the

Following my column from a month ago that quoted the world’s most important theoretical physicist Albert Einstein on the fundamental nature of the physical universe, wherein he asserted that

The Cato Institute, where a Falls Church School Board candidate is a prominent staffer, is a high-profile D.C. think tank whose purpose is to influence the national political discourse in favor of