The opposite of love is not fear, it is cruelty. There is a quote by former president Obama that is floating about social media platforms nowadays that goes, “I don’t know what happened to our

It was not officially a solar eclipse. When the sky began turning dark last Saturday, it was the result of what CNN correspondent Jim Acosta is now openly calling “evil” associated with the

More intriguing words from Albert Einstein, the world’s foremost theoretical physicist, retrieved from the Internet: “I didn’t arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the

The most important clue about Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s ongoing allegiance to Donald Trump was disclosed during Tuesday’s Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce/NBC

“Peril remains.” These are the closing words of the Bob Woodward/Robert Costa co-authored blockbuster out this week, “Peril,” an instant bestseller by one half of the journalistic team that

You know the best way to defeat Trumpism? Well, every tool in the arsenal of law enforcement and public opinion needs to be involved. But, fundamentally it comes down to what the voters in