Tuesday, December 29 2009 06:12:37 PM CBS’ television news magazine, 60 Minutes, devoted a segment last Sunday to the devastating water shortage facing the state of California. Three

Tuesday, December 22 2009 05:17:27 PM   Was this, as Time magazine suggests, really the “Decade from Hell?” Actual reality, of course, can’t be broken up into the neat packages of

Thursday, December 10 2009 04:31:48 PM For the first time in a decade, Democrats in Virginia are heading toward the start of the state’s annual legislative session not able to boast of

Thursday, December 03 2009 04:07:36 PM President Obama’s address to a global television audience Tuesday night about his intent to send 30,000 new troops to Afghanistan was a sobering

Tuesday, November 24 2009 09:56:06 PM Whither the role of religion and spirituality in the current roiling cultural soup that is America today? The Obama grass roots revolution of progressive

Wednesday, October 28 2009 11:54:48 PM “Usury” is an old-fashioned word, and not by accident. It has been virtually stripped from the English language in the last 60 years for