This 10-part series concludes with this entry drafted on the eve of the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva. The case is compelling for the role Putin and the Russians played not only in interfering in

“I don’t know what happened to our culture…I don’t know when we began to celebrate bullies instead of looking out for people who care for other people. When did that happen?” — Former

Don’t let up! This has to be the unifying theme behind the multi-pronged efforts of U.S. law enforcement to go after the criminal elements responsible for both fueling the Trump organization’s

The call by Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) for a “Myanmar-style coup” in the U.S. at a QAnon meeting in Texas this week is only the latest evidence of the active coup efforts orchestrated by

Honestly, I didn’t expect the revelations and insights that have come to me personally by virtue of witnessing the Trump presidency in its totality and especially by its exclamation point, the

When the word, “cult,” gets bandied about, including by increasing numbers nowadays who recognize that the pro-Trump current in the GOP is now effectively one, there remains a great lack of