Thursday, July 30 2009 12:40:36 PM  America has its first Afro-American president. But does that mean racism is a thing of the past? Not for still far too many in our land, and the

Thursday, July 02 2009 10:58:30 AM The Fourth of July festivities across the U.S. this Saturday are going to elicit a qualitatively different sense of deep joy and national pride than perhaps

Thursday, June 25 2009 01:02:22 AM The utter hypocrisy of right-wing Republicans who’ve done everything in their power to disenfranchise and deny marital and other rights to lesbians and

Thursday, June 18 2009 01:00:40 PM “Cities Without Newspapers,” shouts the cover headline of this month’s edition of the American Journalism Review. It announces the story by U.S.A.

Wednesday, June 10 2009 10:11:43 PM Sipping white wine out on the porch during a party on a summery early evening in Arlington, a small group of us, fairly savvy on matters pertaining to the

Thursday, June 04 2009 03:56:06 PM The dismal state of American journalism was further demonstrated in the past week in a couple of cases that were called out in compelling ways by