It is not an exaggeration to say that this Tuesday, March 3, was a truly historic day in the history of American politics. The stunning outcome in the Super Tuesday Democratic primaries marked one

Donald Trump is the fever dream of postmodernist apologist Michel Foucault. This 21st century monster of a twisted and horrifying id, much like the invisible monster of the classic sci-fi film of

It is time in this era of genuine crisis for American democracy to take a bolder and less compromising look at the forces that have brought us here, in hopes that a sure path to recovery can be

“A lying, dog-faced pony soldier?” Really, Joe, really? It wasn’t funny to call a citizen that in New Hampshire ahead of the primary this week. It got no laughs, just the puzzled brain

With this week’s first primary outcome in Iowa, as damaged by computer glitches as it has been, the sudden emergence of the Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg at or near the top is

What a frenzy of incredible developments we have going on these days: a budding global pandemic festering in China, the sudden death of a young American athletic icon, the ongoing self-destructive