At the outset of his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee Monday, Barry Berke, the attorney representing the House Intelligence Committee presenting the case for the impeachment of Trump,

Wednesday’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee marked one of the highest moments for the U.S. Congress in recent memory, because the focus was on the Constitution and its framers to a

Another scathing anti-Trump editorial in the Washington Post Tuesday, entitled “Enablers of Constitutional Degradation,” warns that the Trump presidency is “entering a dangerous new phase”

Busted! Yesterday’s testimony by ambassador Gordon Sondland has proven that Trump is as guilty as sin for an attempted Mafia-like shakedown of a vulnerable U.S. ally at the expense of the U.S.

Upon the completion of the truly historic first day of extraordinarily powerful public testimony before the House Intelligence Committee of two impeccable witnesses in the impeachment

It’s as if the Republicans are simply incapable of learning anything. Do they have no endgame other than being boxed into corners more and more and, proverbially speaking, lighting themselves on