It can be instructive for the sake of illustration to compare what U.S., and the West generally, is going through politically now with earlier periods. The example that always comes up is the

Way, way over on the “good guy” side of professional sports ledger is a fellow who took a terrible blow ending his National League baseball season this week. Christian Yelich, at 27 a tall,

If you subscribe to one of the major cable TV providers, you can now see the shameful American illness pervading everything as professional football season begins. It’s the kind of illness that

Take a deep breath. Pretty soon, it may be your last. Not just yours, but all of ours. Watching aerial video of the Amazon River basin burning up is, for any of us with a scintilla of wider

As Trump continues his presidential crawl descending to the lowest pit of hell, in a manner that could enlighten a new edition of Dante’s Divine Comedy, the brazen obscenity that this man

The latest round of mass murders in El Paso and Dayton awfully portend the escalation of a domestic terrorist war against the very democratic institutions of the U.S. itself. They point not to a