Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

  • Fairfax Court judge denies City of Falls Church request to delay the trial on its dispute with Fairfax Water Authority. #
  • Check out my latest column in the mighty Falls Church News-Press, "Glen Beck's Blatant Racism," #
  • In tomorrow's News-Press: Falls Church financial czar issues memo of seriously tough times for City's next budget. #
  • Glen Beck: health care reform = 'reparations?' Could anything be more blatantly racist? #
  • Company OKd for new lupus drug traded at 50 cents a share six months ago, now up over $16! Keep an eye on such medical breakthroughs! #
  • Check out my live TV show tonight at 7 on Falls Church Cable TV. #
  • Can't resist watching Paul Krugman and Robert Reich when they come on TV. Do I find beards fetching, or is it that they tell the truth? #
  • @JohnnyGWeir Check out a replay of the roast of Joan Rivers on the Comedy Channel. it's a stitch! in reply to JohnnyGWeir #
  • Recommends checking for a re-run of the Joan Rivers roast on the Comedy Channel. #

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