Extraordinary Hearts:

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‘Extraordinary Hearts: Reclaiming Gay Sensibility’s Central Role in the Progress of Civilization,’ by Nicholas F. Benton, Lethe Press, 2013.

(A compilation of 100 columns published under the title, “Nick Benton’s Gay Science” on consecutive weeks from October 2010 through September 2012 in the Metro Weekly, one of two prominent newspapers for the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area LGBT community. 343 pages.)

“A distinguished, prolific journalist collects two years of published essays on the homosexual movement and its historic legacy…The outspoken author believes his writings collectively galvanize ‘a new dialogue on shaping LGBT identity and self-esteem going forward into a new world of equality.’ Readers will come away with much the same sentiment…Benton weaves his own history as an early gay liberation advocate, and his highly intellectual, pioneering nature is evident…Insightful and valid.”
Kirkus Review

“Nick Benton’s outspoken accounts of our tribe’s issues are not only intelligent and articulate but candid and compassionate. Such exciting and informative writing is a benefit to all humanity, and a challenge to us, and to everyone.
Don Bachardy

“Nick Benton’s voice is a shining light into our culture. His voice is that of reason and invaluable experience, witness and strength. ‘Extraordinary Hearts’ is a project of love and admiration for the community that shouldn’t be missed. Wisdom is a gift that shines so brightly in this work.
Johnny Weir

“Over the decades, Nick Benton has been a pioneer, daring to express points of view few would risk…Fundamental at the beginning of the LGBT movement, as now, is the affirmation of our core values, defined by Benton as the desire for love, truth, commitment and compassion. Benton and I share a bond as early activists.”
Steven Dansky

“Provocative, enlightening and intriguing. Nick Benton’s personal and cultural histories, theories and ‘gay sensibility’ put LGBT history into a unique, contemporary context…Benton is an American original and ‘Extraordinary Hearts’ reflects not just the history of Nick and his times, but that of ‘gay sensibility’ and culture. The book is provocative, enlightening and intriguing—like Benton himself.
Hon. Adam Ebbin

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