Kavanaugh & A Feminist Morality Play

Once again, the issue comes down to the fundamental components of the most intimate and pervasive form of oppression by and large sanctioned and exercised by our species — male chauvinism. It is such a pervasive reality that it is really hard to fully grasp, even by otherwise enlightened women.

Almost any inequality gap that exists in our human species can be traced back to this, most fundamentally.

This is what a majority of women in America are now gearing up in this November’s midterm elections to rudely overthrow, and they will possibly make the biggest single step in that direction in the history of the planet. White male chauvinist pigs, your days are numbered, your day of reckoning is at hand.

Almost as if this were a primer, a recapitulation of this whole cosmic war, the parameters of the new developments in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s case unleashed by the incredibly courageous exposé of a highly credible professional, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, have made so much more crystal clear.

The Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that will be voting at some point on the fitness of Judge Kavanaugh to serve a life term on the U.S. Supreme Court are all white males.

The President who put forth Kavanaugh has his choice for the appointment is too, in addition to being under a criminal investigation right now, and already identified by testimony under oath for being an “unindicted co-conspirator” in very serious crimes.

This phalanx of white male chauvinists are trying to dictate the terms of what Dr. Ford has come forward with, insisting a hearing to dismiss her matter be held without an FBI investigation, for one. In the typical white male chauvinist manner, she has been cast as the accused even as she is the victim.

These white male chauvinist pigs fully intend to permit her to make her claims, then to dismiss her and proceed to elect Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Their only concern is figuring out how to weather this little dust-up with a million and one small cuts and digs at Dr. Ford, isolating her from any ability to access corroborating evidence that and FBI investigation might find, and firmly push her aside to vote.

They’re counting on enough people in the general public to exclaim, “Well, if Trump could get away with what he admitted he did in that Access Hollywood tape, and still get elected, then this is nothing.”

But these white male chauvinist pigs are making a huge miscalculation. They’re like the cheating husband who stumbles drunk up the stairs to his long-suffering wife, counting on her to, once again, look the other way, buy into his dissembling lies for fear of the consequences of confronting them, and for life to go on as usual.

No, pigs, not this time.

Judge Kavanaugh’s sexual assault of Dr. Ford came in the era, the 1970s and their spillover, when the ruling class in America underwrote the biggest American counter-revolution since the South seceded to spark the Civil War.

It was an all-out offensive against the moral character-driven civil rights, anti-war, labor, feminist and gay movements of the 1960s.

In the context of the massive social displacements of that period, wanton sex and drugs were unleashed on the counterculture and inner cities. The so-called “sexual revolution” was a license for predatory, drug-crazed rape, and countless women were assaulted by white male chauvinist bearded pigs in tie-dye shirts, savaging whatever self-esteem that the feminist movement may have built up in them, and sending them to “serve the revolution” as prostitutes and porn stars.

Women took cover as the Reagan revolution began to consolidate this counter-insurgency. Only with the Obama campaign of 2008 did many women begin to feel safe timidly climbing out of their moral hiding places. It quickly led to the rise of a woman to run for president of the United States, garnering more votes than any American in history. Alas, her opponent, one of the worst products of the counter-revolution, won.

But now, the spirit of the feminist revolution is again loose in the land. It was there all along, only hidden, but not hidden any more.