This week it is not the Russians, or Trump and the National Enquirer that a new, heavily-researched expose in the Washington Post has brought front and center as guilty parties in the would-be


Let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone at her.’ How little else than this Biblical injunction are Virginia Democrats left with after the incredible developments of these recent

As the stern, unyielding noose of justice and truth tightens around the neck of Donald Trump, no amount of pomp, ceremony, lies and damn lies can protect him from the grizzly fate awaiting him in

The national roller coaster ride, Extreme Sports version, of the last week has left much of the land veritably breathless. A week ago, the country was still in the throes of a month-long federal

Perhaps we can take comfort, at least a pause in our 24-7 anxieties, from John Cassidy’s commentary in this week’s New Yorker, entitled, “Halfway Through the Trump Presidency, the Resistance

It’s been noted around the Internet more than once that last Saturday’s New York Times front page is a keeper, suitable for framing. More than the photo of two handsome Secret Service agents