As Trump continues his presidential crawl descending to the lowest pit of hell, in a manner that could enlighten a new edition of Dante’s Divine Comedy, the brazen obscenity that this man

The latest round of mass murders in El Paso and Dayton awfully portend the escalation of a domestic terrorist war against the very democratic institutions of the U.S. itself. They point not to a

The horrifying mass killings of last weekend in El Paso and Dayton and the repulsively repetitive words but no action from the President and Republicans could not have illustrated better what

Once again this week, as the 20 Democratic presidential candidates were paraded for a second round of media-driven exhibitions in front of national TV audiences, a bizarre form of “reality

Since most adult Americans seldom read anymore, much less something as daunting and dry (as in, fact-based) as a 448-page report from a special counsel like Robert Mueller, Trump and the

Donald Trump opens his mouth, or fires off a tweet, and the entire political and major media world respond like Pavlov’s dogs. His latest racist comments against four women Democratic members of