For almost all of us, there is no need to dwell further beyond the detailed and dense 154-page executive summary that the House January 6 Committee presented earlier this week along with its formal

The holiday “season of giving” being upon us now, I confess my hypothesis to hold that what is known as the greatly mysterious “dark matter” that constitutes over 90 percent of our universe

CBS just reported the news from Berlin that “police have arrested at least 25 people tied to an alleged right-wing extremist plot to overthrow Germany’s government. The group targeted in about

President Joe Biden was so in his element speaking at a manufacturing plant in Bay City, Michigan, this week, returning from a worldwide trek to hobnob with world leaders to stand in front of his

Could I have been premature in declaring the breaking of the MAGA fever by the midterm elections earlier this month? In the case of an illness, when a fever is broken it still requires a lot of

With the crucial midterm election outcome last week, the MAGA fever over the land has broken. Despite the last couple of days’ developments – that is, the likelihood that the GOP will still