Will the adults in the room please do something? The insufferable petulant, adolescent bully-coward we’re enduring as our president has now stooped to a new low with his clueless assault on the

Lord Voldemort, the bad guy in the Harry Potter series, summed up the simple proposition that is behind the expansion of evil in the world when toward the end of the first book/movie, Harry Potter


It was just two months ago that I sat down to interview Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, the Democrats’ vice presidential candidate in last November’s election. Then, in a cool and collected mood,

The ‘Gay Science’ Papers The Central Role of Same-Sex Erotic Attraction in the Progress of Civilization A Gay Liberation Pioneer’s 100 Weekly Columns Published in Washington,

I usually find columnist and Sunday morning CNN politics show host Fareed Zakaria to be among the more astute and reliable commentators on current events available to a wide public audience. So it

Berkeley and the Fight for an Effeminist, Socially Transformative Gay Identity (First printed in “Smash the Church, Smash the State, The Early Days of Gay Liberation,” edited by Tommi Avicolli