The release of the Mueller Report was like turning over one of those rocks that you almost wish you hadn’t. Crawling, creeping, wiggling, slinking, purely gross aspects of Mom Nature’s

Twice in less than a week, the front pages of the nation’s two premier newspapers, the New York Times and the Washington Post, were filled by large photographs dominated by a virtually-identical

Was the first U.S. president to die in office, William Henry Harrison, done in by foul play? The history books make no mention of this, but the realities as defined by a bigger picture of the young

As I and others have insisted from the moment the Mueller Report was released, wait until you’ve read the actual report to judge. In the meantime, for reasons entirely unclear to me, the

Democrats are oh-so-thankful for the caring advice of Republicans like Joe Scarborough whose column headline Monday was “You Lost This One, Democrats. Move On.” Or George Will, or David Brooks.

What if a cornered rat had at its disposal more power than any other person in the country? What do you think would happen as his enemies close in on him? This is not a pretty picture, and if you