Among all else cluttering up the news headlines this week, the latest Trump stuff and matters relevant to the prospects of World War 3 (the Xi-Putin summit), it was noted that the week marks the

The Dominion Election Machines’ $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News has caused internal Fox documents to come to light that acknowledge beyond any doubt that Fox, including its

Two stories juxtaposed in last weekend’s Washington Post profoundly illustrate what’s wrong with our American culture that so sorely needs fixing. On one page, a banner headline above a feature

President Biden’s heroic trip to Kiev this week, and subsequent powerful speech in Warsaw, is the stuff of history books. Americans and freedom loving folk everywhere need to appreciate the

Recently, CNN commentator and host of the Sunday morning “Global Public Square” TV interview show Fareid Zakaria praised a new book by his journalistic colleague, Ron Brownstein, entitled,

Tuesday’s State of the Union marked a turning point. This was an aggressive and expansive progressive political, economic and social agenda set against Putin’s worn out GOP cat-calling clown